From Scrappy Startup To THRIVING Business

From Scrappy Startup To THRIVING Business

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Scott Gilmour shares business insights on how he helped take APEX Surety & Insurance Ltd from a scrappy startup to a thriving insurance business. This is his story.

In this episode of Winning in Winnipeg, I speak with Scott Gilmore, founding partner of Apex Surety and Insurance. Scott shares his transformative journey from corporate law to the insurance industry, recounting his many failures and insights along the way.

Scott shares his experience managing large construction projects, launching APEX during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of strong client relationships. He also reflects on family dynamics, the business check here landscape in Winnipeg, community growth, and offers advice for young professionals.

Scott is an incredibly intelligent and scrappy entrepreneur whose insights about startups, entrepreneurship, insurance, city planning and the evolving market in Winnipeg are invaluable! Enjoy the conversation!

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